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FACT: Cell Phones are more dangerous than smoking and asbestos  
FACT: Brain Tumors are the #1 Cancer killer among children in the USA 
FACT: Cell phone usage has been linked to  cancer growth 
FACT: If you keep a cell phone in your pocket you are exceeding the amount of radiation the FCC deems safe 

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Cell Shield
Cell Phone EMF Protection device
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Did You Know:
• That up to 60% of the radiation emitted by a typical cell phone enough to cause heating could be absorbed by the users head
• That depending upon conditions i.e. distance from cellular tower buildings etc. the waves emitted by your cell phone can travel as far as 50 miles
• That recent studies show the possibility of serious bio-effects at exposure levels below the current exposure standards and that some cell phones cannot even meet these arguably inadequate standards
• That manufacturers could make the phones so less radiation would escape into the users head but most are unwilling to do so apparently because to do so would cut into their profit and acknowledge the that there may be a potential health hazard
• That different brands and models of phones have widely different levels of emissions and only recently has the FCC began requiring the emissions levels of be made public and stated in the paperwork of every new phone.
• That levels of radiation can build up in the human body.
If you are concerned about the levels of Cell phone radiation that is potentially reaching your brain every time you you put it up to your head then you must click below to look up your cell phone's specific absorption rate (SAR).
Cell Shield-"Catch The Harmful Wave"
What is Cell Shield:
The Cell Shield is a new revolutionary two piece ceramic composition which has the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves from your mobile phone, and therefore reduce the harmful effects to the human body. The product has been tested and is recognized around the world.
The FCC has passed new laws governing the wave strength of cellular phones. Many government and medical groups are concerned about the long term effects of radiation around the head when cellular phones are in use. Reports dizziness, headaches, fatigue, "hot phones" and other symptoms has the public concerned.
Product manufactured in Korea and distributed by Cell Shield, Inc. in New York.
Important: There are many types cell shield products on the market. Make sure the shield you are considering has been lab tested and proven to work like our Cell Shield does.
The independent testing and review phase has been conducted in the most stringent applications to ensure that our single EMF reduction solution the Cell Shield, performs up to all expectations and works with all mobile phones to measurably reduce harmful EMF radiation emitted from these devices. 
Click below to learn about the Cell Shield and its unique manufacturing design.

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Cell Shield Commercial
To purchase the Cell Shield go to: http://www.cellshieldforyou.com

Alarming! Cell Phone use is showing To especially be unsafe for pregnant women:

Newest Stories:

The news stories and media coverage of this crucial health issue continue to be published globally with new information and findings each passing day. Protect Yourself!
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We are here to bring awareness, education and protection to you for one of your most important possessions-your Cell Phone. Whether it is a single-use cell phone of the many varieties or a sophisticated communication device like a Blackberry, iPhone, Droid or other smart phone. You need to be taking precautions to ensure that you minimize your exposure to harmful EMF's. That's where we can help with the proven and patent pending device known as Cell Shield EMF Absorber!
We invite you to browse our site and become informed about the hidden and lurking dangers with cell phone use. And definitely, check out the videos that we have added to the site. They are all very convincing and seek to give you insight and advice on the steps to take to protect yourself from the convenience of the modern marvel we all use each day, the cell phone.
According the National Safety Council, the cellphone is the primary force for causing 1.6 million auto accidents per year with significant loss of life and property damage due to driver distraction and errors. However, as bad as these statistics are they pale in comparison to what is possibly at stake with daily unprotected cell phone use by millions of people worldwide that totals 2.2 trillion minutes spent on voice calls annually. Increasingly, the media is reporting with greater frequency of the troubling health effects linked to cell phone use. You can review some of these concerns and reports here on our site that is dedicated to building awareness about cell phone use and promoting the only viable solution to significantly reduce harmful EMF levels emitted from cell phones that we know of that has solid research and development and actual real life conditions testing behind it. The Cell Shield EMF Absorber.
Here are some important steps to take to limit your exposure from 70% to 90%* to the harmful effects of documented cell  phone radiation accounts:
  • Most important, Do not ever let a child under age 13 ever put a cell phone up to their head to make or receive a call unless a tested and EMF reduction proven Cell Shield is attached to the phone's speaker and back antenna.
  • Purchase a phone with a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). Most phones have a SAR level listed in its instruction manual. The SAR level is a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body. The lower the number the better. (Be aware, however, that studies with RF hundreds of times lower than current SAR limits still show biological effects.)
  • Use a scientifically validated EMF protection device. There are advanced technologies available nowadays that strengthen your bioenergy field and immune system against the effects of EMF. The EMF radiation causes a problem only when the cumulative effects due to repeated exposure weaken the body's ability to repair itself. Even when you don't use the cell phone, 'second-hand' radiation and EMFs from other devices can also cause biological stress, so these types of devices are increasingly becoming essential.
  • Never hold the handset directly to your head without a patented, tested and EMF reduction proven Cell Shield attached to the phone's speaker and back antenna.
  • Always use the speaker phone if your phone does not have a patented, tested and EMF reduction proven Cell Shield attached to the phone's speaker and back antenna.
  • The youth had it right! It is far better to keep the phone away from one's head and text message to communicate with others.
  • Never carry the phone that is powered up in the front pocket near your body that does not have the patented, tested and EMF reduction proven Cell Shield attached to the phone's speaker and back antenna.
  • Do not make a call when the signal strength is one bar or less, which means the phone must work harder to establish a connection unless your phone has the patented, tested and EMF reduction proven Cell Shield attached to the phone's speaker and back antenna.   
  • Finally, If you make mobile calls without a patented, tested and EMF reduction proven Cell Shield attached to the phone's speaker and back antenna, you are unprotected and have the highest potential of your health being vulnerable to harmful EMF radiation.

*Cell Shield is a US patented device with global patents pending that has been shown in independent lab tests to reduce from 70% to 90% all harmful EMF radiation exposed to the brain during cell phone calls.




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